Friday, November 3, 2017

Lacey Noel Day 15 Out of 100 Days of Makeup - Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe

  • misslaceynoel DAY 15 OF MY #100daysofmakeupchallenge is a tribute to not only Andy Warhol since today (the 6th) is his birthday, but to Marilyn Monroe because this is her death day was the 5th. Since they are both dear to me, I wanted to pay tribute to them. 💙❤️💖💛✨
    • "Shot Light Blue Marilyn (1964)" "This is a painting of Marilyn Monroe. It is part of a series of 5 images Warhol painted of Marilyn that had different brightly coloured backgrounds: red, orange, light blue, sage blue, and turquoise. All five were painted in a 40-inch square format. This image’s title was prefixed with the word “shot,” because it was literally shot through with a bullet from a revolver by Dorothy Podber. In 1964 Podber visited Warhol at his studio where 4 of the paintings in the series of 5 were stored against the wall (the turquoise one was not with them). Podber asked Warhol is she could “shoot” them. Thinking she meant to photograph them, he agreed."
    Photo by @missmissyphoto
    Pink paint from @officialsnazaroo!
    Black paint from @mehronmakeup!
    Dreamer and Outlaw Liquid Lipsticks on my eyes and lips by @katvondbeauty! 💙💖💛❤️✨

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