Monday, December 9, 2013

M.A.C. Divine Night: Partying at the Grove, Los Angeles


Well, that's one word to describe this event! It took place at the Grove in Los Angeles! Over the fountain, they had set up this big stage where the dancers performed, and backstage, all the amazing and talented M.A.C. makeup artists were doing makeup on all the people who went.

Everything was decked out in a 1970's, disco-esque theme with a very Studio 54 feel to it. There was amazing music... (Seriously, compliments to the DJ!) All of the dancers were great and they were all gussied up as the girl in the new Divine Night makeup collection ad and all the guys wore black pants, were shirtless, chests covered in gold glitter with matching gold leather jackets! And the makeup artists all looked so beautiful! Everyone was so fierce! 

Me and my mom kept getting compliments from everyone, and everyone just seemed so happy and they all were having such a great time. There was also an awful lot of dancing involved! As you can see in the video I posted onto my YouTube channel!

Another fun and creative thing that I thought they did was that instead of alcohol, they put hot-chocolate in little shot-glasses. It was so adorable! Although there was makeup being done all around me, I didn't get my face done. BUT I DID get some glitter on my face! You can see the application of that on my video as well!

And on Instagram, I took a lot of photos! Some of these, I haven't posted anywhere else yet!


So. This night was one of the best nights I've ever had! I had so much fun and I'm so glad that I threw away my insecurities and went dancing with someone I didn't even know! Hahaha! After I finish high school, I'm definitely going to do some sort of makeup thing. I'm really interested in applying for a job at the M.A.C. at the Grove! They have so many events in that area, so it'd be fun!

Also, on this ultra-lovely Friday night, I went to the Viper Room and got the amazing honor to meet Cherie Currie, singer of the Runaways!

Hope you enjoyed my video and the photos!!