Friday, July 27, 2012

Meeting Molly Shannon

After Comedy Camp, we went out to eat and bumped into Molly Shannon!

She was such a sweetheart… I told her about my camp and she was very encouraging about it!

It was so surreal seeing her in person… I ‘grew up’ watching SNL skits from the ‘90’s and it was just an amazing experience to meet her.

Don’t get me started, don’t EVEN get me started!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Comedy Camp: Week/Day 2

Saturday, July 21st was my 2nd week (or day) at Comedy Camp! Even though I did this last week, I was still nervous about going up there... On stage...

Dane Cook couldn't make it due to rehearsals for his play, but since I was a bit more familiar with the people there, I felt better than last time.

Again, when my name was called, I didn't hesitate to get up there. I went up calmly and I noticed that with my performance, I had gained so much confidence, and that was only my second time on stage! The guests from this week were Ian Edwards along with Joey Medina and again I got some pretty good comments, but I think I could have done better.

I mean, I have a bit more confidence, but I think I went too slow or something... I don't know, but I'm definitely improving.

I hope next week, or this week now, turns out well too!!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Outfest: Hairspray Sing-A-Long

PHEW! Sorry I haven't posted since last week, but NOW I have things to blog about!

On Thursday, July 19th, my mom and I went to the annual Hairspray Sing Along that Outfest was presenting at the Ford Theater! I was hoping that John Waters would be there since the LGBT Film Festival was honoring him, so I brought my Tracy Turnblad dollie for him to sign!

Unfortunately, he wasn't there, but I had an AMAZING time! The show kicked off with a guy (whom I'm pretty sure worked there) running across the stage wearing a big orange wig, spraying a can of Aqua-Net and singing "Good Morning Baltimore"! He talked a bit about the film and gave me and my mom shout-out for our "costumes"! And what's funny is that people were clapping for us!

When he was finishing up his speech, he said something about how people can relate to the movies they watch and how they can make them feel better about themselves. Then.... The movie started with:


When Tracy Turnblad belted out "Good Morning Baltimore", I couldn't help but to get goosebumps and tears rolling down my cheeks.

The reason for the tears is because this movie changed my life as well as my hair. Watching the movie had given me so much inspiration... It also got me to dye my hair blue! Before we moved to Los Angeles, I had never really been accepted by anybody. I couldn't even dress the way I wanted to. If I showed any signs of expressing myself, the kids would insult me endlessly and one thing they did in particular is they used to hit the top of my head to make my hair deflate... Now, people appreciate my style and I am so happy and grateful that I have finally found a place where I belong.

I wish Mr. Waters was there so I could have the honor to shake his hand and thank him for that...

It felt so great. The vibe in the whole place was bright and cheerful as well as a bit tipsy! We were all clapping and singing our hearts out.

I cannot wait for next years Hairspray.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Comedy Camp: Week #1

So yesterday was my first day of camp, and I think I did pretty good compared to how I thought I would do.

I didn't have to audition, but like everyone else, I had to go on stage and tell a joke. Knowing the fact that I wasn't alone, made me feel better but as each name was called, my anxiety got worse and worse. I began to get so stressed out, I couldn't even sweat. My mouth was dry, my hands were shaking, my legs felt weak and my heart was pounding up until I looked behind me.

It was almost as if an angel had landed from the sky. He casually walked on in and sat down. Once one of the kids were done performing, he went up on stage and made two announcements: one being that he couldn't stay for too long cos he had to go somewhere and the other being that next week, he would stay longer, but with a special guest.

He sat back down and moments later...


My name was called.

And surprisingly, I didn't freak out. I took a deep breath and quickly, for the first time in my life, got up there, on stage, and did my thing. I did as best as I could, as calm as I could, and I actually got pretty good reviews from the guest comedians!

All I could see up there, other than the bright stage lights, was my mom taking photos through the lobby window, (reason being, the parents weren't allowed to come inside cos apparently the make the children "nervous") the red light signaling that my time was done, an that "angel's" smile.

And that "angel" was Dane Cook.

I don't think I could have done it without him. Since my mom wasn't allowed in, it was very comforting to see a familiar face in the audience. He is one of my all-time favorite comedians and his jokes/stories have made me laugh so hard, I'd cry.

But it wasn't until later when I realized that...


I couldn't believe what I did, and I STILL can't! I can't believe I had the guts to even go ON STAGE and I can't believe that Dane was actually WATCHING ME! And he SMILED!

Although I was awfully stressed that day, I went through it and had a lot of fun. I'm looking very forward to next Saturday and I'm very proud of myself for doing what I did.

This was one of the best moments of my life and I will treasure it forever...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lacey Lately

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in quite a while, but I thought you guys would like to know how I am doing. :)

It's the middle of my summer vacation and pretty soon I'll be going to quite a few exciting events! (With my mom of course! :D)

This weekend, I'll be starting Comedy camp! The whole purpose of the camp is that it's supposed to build confidence in kids and since I get very shy when it comes to being on stage, I think it'll be very beneficial for me. But what I'm rather nervous about, is I have to audition for it. They said I'll get in regardless of how good or bad my joke is, but just the thought of auditioning for something stresses me...

And also Saturday, is my mothers birthday! I feel a bit bad for the audition being on her special day, but she is very overjoyed and proud that I'll be participating in the program. (You guys will be seeing a post about that later... ;) )

Another big event that I'm THRILLED about is the Sunset Strip Music Festival in August! Last year, I got to meet all sorts of cool-awesome people, and I CAN NOT WAIT to see what happens this year!!!

Well, that's all I got to say for now! Bye!!
Love, Lacey