Friday, October 12, 2012

Manic Panic and Me

The best hair dye I have ever used HAS to be Manic Panic. There was one time, about a year ago, that I tried out a dye that someone said was "better", but it damaged my hair so badly that I'm still recovering from it! MP doesn't do that and that's part of the reason why I'm so loyal to the product. Along with the actual dye, it has conditioner as well so it won't damage your hair as much.

Another reason why I love it is because of the color. Atomic Turquoise is just so unique... When I first dyed my hair blue, we (me and my mom) were trying to find a good shade of blue to put in my hair. Again, the other dyes didn't work out for some reason since the colors merged into others... But when we tried out MP for the first time, it was one nice solid color. Great shade of blue as well as very bright and vivid.

There is one myth out Manic Panic that I don't agree with: "It fades out too quickly". Whenever someone tells me this, I often get confused. The color lasts at least two or three months before I have to dye it over again. (Plus, I wash and hairspray in my hair!)

Ah... That reminds me... I have to dye my hair soon!

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