Thursday, July 26, 2012

Comedy Camp: Week/Day 2

Saturday, July 21st was my 2nd week (or day) at Comedy Camp! Even though I did this last week, I was still nervous about going up there... On stage...

Dane Cook couldn't make it due to rehearsals for his play, but since I was a bit more familiar with the people there, I felt better than last time.

Again, when my name was called, I didn't hesitate to get up there. I went up calmly and I noticed that with my performance, I had gained so much confidence, and that was only my second time on stage! The guests from this week were Ian Edwards along with Joey Medina and again I got some pretty good comments, but I think I could have done better.

I mean, I have a bit more confidence, but I think I went too slow or something... I don't know, but I'm definitely improving.

I hope next week, or this week now, turns out well too!!

Wish me luck!

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